Available AKC Shih Tzu Puppies for sale in Southern California - West Coast
Shih Tzu puppies for sale california

 Puppy Application

We are you excited that you are taking the first steps to become part of the The Shih Tzu Nursery Family. If you are interested in adopting one of our babies, we must have an application on file for you. This also helps us to get the information we need to contact you about the availability of the puppy you are looking for.

Once we have the application, we will contact you by phone. If we do not have your perfect puppy available, we do keep a waitlist for future litters &/or first pick of litters.  Our Waiting List consists of an agreement and a $300 deposit. We allow visits, virtual or in-person, with puppies before an adoption commitment is made but, puppies need to be at least 6 weeks of age.  Our waiting list rolls over from litter to litter to ensure you find the puppy that is the right match for you.

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If you’re already a member of The Shih Tzu Nursery family & have purchased one of our pups in the past & would like to grow your pack, there is no need to fill out this application. You can reach out to Veronica directly to discuss your options & preferences at (949) 410-6040.
- Our Puppies START at $3,500. It is hard to give a precise estimate on each dog, as they are priced based on breed, size, color, confirmation, & pedigree. The MAJORITY of our pups are between $3,500 & $4,500, but that does not mean that some are less & some are more. Our pet price is determined by conformation, temperament, color, & size. Would you like to continue with the application?
- ALL our dogs are rehomed as pets on a strict spay & neuter contract. Would you like to continue with the application?
- Is everyone that needs to be involved in the decision to bring home a new puppy on board with your decision? Ex: significant other, parents, landlord, etc.
What age of puppy are you looking for?
Are you interested in joining our waitlist for one of our future litters?
When you are not at home, your dog will be:
The energy level in your home is usually:
Your new puppy/dog will get its daily exercise by?
How much $ do you think your new puppy/dog will cost you monthly?
How did you hear about The Shih Tzu Nursery?