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You will find recommendations for you and your pup to discover new horizons together.

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Our FAVORITE practical everyday harness!  It's comfortable, breathable, fits the body well, & comes in array of colors & sizes!  Their XXXS is the size that most puppies will need when they leave our home, but sometimes they may need an XXS if they are a little older when they leave.  Although young puppies can't be walked out in public, you can use the harness to get them used to wearing one or practice leash walking in your home or backyard.  It will also be necessary if you are tethering to train or taking your pup out in a sling bag, carrying bag, stroller, or in a car seat.  Basically you will need one of these even if you won't be walking them.  Also, if you happen to buy a size that is too big, they will likely grow into it.  However, when you buy it too small, you will need to return unless you want to donate it to us for a future pup 🙂

Pet Carrier Pack

We love this little pet carrier for our young pups to be able to explore the world while not touching the ground!  They will be close to you yet exposed to the outside world much more than in a confined bag.

Fashionista Harness & Leash Set

This cute little harness & leash set is adorable & comes in tiny sizes & so many colors to choose from.  We love the gold detailing too!  If you lean more towards patterned fabrics, they have some cute polka dots & plaids HERE.


We love this car seat.  It's cozy, washable, and feels secure when it's strapped into your car.  It's pretty easy to strap in as well.  The dogs seem to enjoy it over others that go over the seats & are more elevated, even though those allow them to see out the window more.  One caveat is that it is not crash tested, so if you're looking for one that has been tested in car crashes, look at our other, more expensive suggestions.

Passenger Carrier Bag

This Bag is the definition of the “it” bag.  It’s constructed so well & so thoughtfully designed.  Your pup will feel safe & be safe in it.  Not only has it been tested by the Center for Pet Safety & received 5 STARS, but it also meets the requirements for airlines for carry-on pet travel.  You can quite literally take this bag everywhere, it even has custom seat belt clips and a buckle strap to keep your pet secure in a car.  It’s access points for humans is easy & thought out & has zippered compartments to have all your dog essentials conveniently handy.  We’ve even had a puppy sleep in it overnight as their crate, as we prepare them to leave our home.  Our only regret is not discovering this bag any sooner – it is now the bag we use when taking the young pups to the vet for their puppy checks.

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Name Tag Dog Collar

Your Shih Tzu should NEVER be walked on a collar.  Due to their short snouts, you should only walk them using a harness.  Also, if they tend to pull you while walking on a collar, you could cause some damage to their trachea.  We love this dog collar because it is MINIMAL.  For the minis, it is especially comfortable because a lot of collars are a bit bulky & uncomfortable.  Your pup can wear it ALL THE TIME for safety in case they get away from home for any reason, & you won’t have to worry about tangles.   A pro-tip: This company lists this product & it’s different colors & sizes as separate products.  So if you like it but you want a different color, search “National Leash Thin Mountain Rope ID Collar” once you’re on Amazon.

The Cutest Handmade ID Collar

The cutest little dog ID collar we ever did see!  It’s handmade to order with different metal options, illustrations, shapes, & sizes.  We have these for our dogs & love the way they compliment the tag collar by National Leash.  They’ve held up nicely throughout the years, too!

All-Weather Dog Booties

Concerned about your pup walking in public places but really don’t want to get it vaccinated for things like Lepto?  Protect your babies paws & health with some booties!  These are specifically made for very small pups