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You will find recommendations for food, treats, toppers, snacks, & chewables for teething here.

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Diamond Naturals

Diamond Naturals is a good kibble that is easy to digest and my babies love it!  We add several things to our kibble – fish oil, bone broth, & probiotics for our older puppies & adults to make the nutrients more nutritiously robust.

Probiotic Gel by Dogzymes

The gel is an easy way to administer a daily dose of probiotics to your young pup.  They go home used to this, as we give it to them every day from the time they start eating food.  It has the right type of probiotic blend to help with the common type of digestive bugs young pups with young immune systems fall prey to.

JFFd Fish Oil

Fish Oil is an all life stage supplement.  As a puppy, it supports the development of the brain & eyes so they reach their full potential, & it aids in maintaining healthy joints, skin & coat & reduces inflammation as your pup ages.  This particular brand is in our rotation & has a mild taste.  We add fish oil daily to all our pups & adults, no matter what their primary diet is.

Bone Broth Food Topper

It’s popular opinion that kibble isn’t the HEALTHIEST food option for our dogs.  It is convenient, however, it is overprocessed, overcooked, & depleted of moisture & nutrients.  This is a great way of adding moisture, flavor, and nutrients to your kibble.  We use it for our puppies & adult dogs.  We warm up water and add the warm water to kibble in a 2:1 ratio (kibble to water) with 1/3 to 1 full scoop – depending on how much food we are placing on the plate & for how many.  They are very excited to eat it and I couldn’t say the same before we implemented it into their diet.  (Please note, we also add powder probiotics or a treat probiotics as a topper for our adults, & a fish oil for our puppies & adults).

Benebone Puppy Fishbone Chew Toy

Benebone makes an excellent chew toy for dogs & pups for a long time but this design is our new favorite for the small mouths of our Shih Tzus.  The fish design – the head, scales, & tail – provide a much smaller surface for your pup to chew & gnaw than their original 4 designs.  They have different sizes & levels of hardness for dogs, so make sure you’re buying the correct one.  For a puppy, please get Puppy size, otherwise you could cause damage to their permanent, adult teeth.

Puppy Teething Sticks

This is a favorite amongst the pups & adults at our home.  They love the taste & it satisfies their need to bite while teething.  We must admit, after weaning, our moms want to enter their babies’ playpen just to steal these from them.  We’ve personally stuck with the chicken flavor, as pumpkin can stain & we have had some pups be indifferent toward their peanut butter flavor.


The N-Bone teething ring is a lifesaver.  Your pup will chew & chew & chew for hours.  It tastes just like their Teething Stick but it is a little higher value because it lasts much longer & I think they enjoy the shape.  Their newer Teeny size prevents your pup from wearing it like a necklace, which used to occur a lot with our young pups, & can pose some danger.  The puppies while in our care tug-of-war over these things.  Once your puppy is a little bigger, they can graduate to the original size.

Puppy Teething Rings (original size)

 Just like the Teeny Puppy Teething Rings, only larger.  Your puppy will be satisfying their urge to chew & it will last longer.  Keep in mind, this is not for puppies that are too young or too small.  The bigger rings can get over their head & that may impose a safety issue.  Start with the teeny size & graduate to the standard size.

Lick Puzzle Mat

This mat is extremely well made.  The back of the mat has 64 mini suction cups that STICK to anything that is flat.  Spread different healthy foods in the four quadrants of puzzles & watch while your pup entertain themselves for hours.  Works great at distracting your pup while doing things they may not particularly like, like brushing out knots, blow drying their hair, or trimming their nails.  Studies show lick mats can help dogs release endorphins, relieve anxiety, and inhibit destructive behavior.  What’s more, professionals also say 20 minutes of a brain activity equates 1 hour of physical activity for your dog.  Occupy your dog with an activity & you will all be happier for it.


Not all Peanut Butter is created equally.  This dog-safe version of your childhood (or college) favorite is made without any of the unsafe & deadly ingredients: xylitol/birch sugar, salt, and sugar, to name a few.  Use this with the lick mat, enrichment toys, as a pill pocket, or when baking or freezing your dog’s treats.  Your dog will love you even more.

Chew Sticks For 6+ Months

Shih Tzu Teething Sticks 

Protein flavored Natural Rawhide Free Chew Sticks for your(small-size aggressive chewers 

Zuke's Mini Naturals Training Treats

We love these training treats for their mini size & tenderness.  They are very small as they come but we cut them in 4 & hide a bunch of tiny pieces in a snuffle mat for the pups when they are 6 weeks+.  You won’t need to cut them but you can if you’d want.  I prefer to mix up the flavor on this one & give the pups a different protein & flavor than their food.  And the pups & adults LOVE the duck!  We highly recommend!

Bocce's Bakery Training Bites

Bocce’s Bakery is known to make clean, limited-ingredient edible items for your pup/dog.  This is an extremely clean treat that the pups go nuts for.  Also very small & soft which makes it perfect for training.  You can try other flavors as well, you won’t be disappointed.

Tasty Treats for Lil' Pals

These Merrick Lil’ Plates Training Treats are the PERFECT size.  Soft, chewy, tiny, & the pups love them!

Wellness Soft Puppy Bites

 A little bigger than some of the others we recommend but they are so soft that they can be broken down to smaller sizes easily.  All of our pups & adults LOVE these.  They are a flat rectangular shape so they can easily be hidden in snuffle mats.  If purchasing, buy the 3 oz bag so they have a better chance of being eaten before they lose their softness.

Stella and Chewy's Dehydrated Chicken Treats

 Use this high-value treat to reward your dog for REALLY good behavior or for training it to look forward to do the things they hate the most – getting in their crate, tooth brushing, daily grooming tasks, etc.  Pretty soon your dog will be spinning in circles when you break out that toothbrush or comb or it will run into its crate/pen at night when you bring out that bag.  We are not exaggerating when we say our dogs line up for ear cleaning because of these.


 Another high-value treat you can try at home!  They love these just as much.  Only downside to these is that they have to be refrigerated after you open the bag but if you have room in your fridge to store these, they are worth it!  PLUS it’s always good to mix things up for your pup!