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You will find recommendations for supplements and products to have on hand to give top-notch care at home.

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Ear Cleaner For Infected Ears

Ear Cleaner for Shih TzusThis is an excellent ear solution for dogs with mild to severe ear infections.  It covers yeast, bacteria, fungus, & mites.  Keep in mind that this does have 1% hydrocortisone.  The brand does sell one with 0.5% & one without.  Follow the directions on the back & keep at it daily & you’ll clear an infection without ever needing to go to the vet.

Nutrical Puppy Supplement for Hypoglycemia & Prevention

Hypoglycemia Treatment & Prevention  in Shih Tzus

You will want to buy this if you’re getting a mini or Imperial to have on hand.  This will help bounce your baby back if they have a moment of hypoglycemia, will help prevent it, & will maintain it if it does drop severely.  If your little dog ever goes through an illness where they don’t want to eat, buy this & syringe feed some.  It can help you the night & day after surgery if their appetite is not well.  Really this is something that dog owners with dogs smaller than 7 lbs should always have on hand.

JFFd Fish Oil

Fish Oil is an all life stage supplement.  As a puppy, it supports the development of the brain & eyes so they reach their full potential, & it aids in maintaining healthy joints, skin & coat & reduces inflammation as your pup ages.  This particular brand is in our rotation & has a mild taste.  We add fish oil daily to all our pups & adults, no matter what their primary diet is.

Probiotic Gel by Dogzymes

The gel is an easy way to administer a daily dose of probiotics to your young pup.  They go home used to this, as we give it to them every day from the time they start eating food.  It has the right type of probiotic blend to help with the common type of digestive bugs young pups with young immune systems fall prey to.