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You will find recommendations for all the things to keep your Shih Tzu clean & maintained at home, whether you visit the groomer or not!

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Earthbath Shampoo

We love the way this shampoo cleans, lathers, & smells.  It’s mild on the skin; doesn’t dry it out or cause itching.  We consider this a great all around shampoo that can also address dry or itchy skin concerns.  It leaves your dog fluffy & actually removes any foul odor your dog may have from being dirty & stinky.  PLUS it has no soap, gluten, DEA, parabens, synthetic dyes, sulfates, or phthalates.  This is a great “everyday” shampoo.

Earthbath Conditioner

This conditioner not only smells good, but it leaves the hair buttery soft, silky, & shiny.  It helps to soothe dry itchy skin.  It has no parabens, no dyes, no soap, no sulfates, no pythalates, & no alcohol.  A good “everyday” conditioner for your pup.

Earthbath Deodorizing Spritz aka Puppy Cologne

This puppy cologne will leave your pooch smelling so delicious that all who come into contact with him or her will comment about how good they smell.  Use this as a finishing spray or to refresh your dog between baths.  If you liked the way your pup smelled when you first got your pup, it is most likely because we sprayed them with this right after their bath.  We couldn’t love this more if we tried!

Leave-in Conditioner & Detangler

Let’s face it, if you keep your dog’s coat long it will more than likely get a knot.  Heck, even if you keep it short it may get a few matts if you keep their harness, shirt, or collar on too long.   This stuff will help you get those knots out before they become matts & if they are already bad, this is your best attempt at getting them out before they have to get shaved down at the groomers.

Virbac Ear Cleaner

Good ear cleaner for dogs.  It can help with mild puppy ear infections if used daily by interrupted the PH in the ear canal.  Use with SMALL cotton balls & you can also add gauze squares.

Small Cotton Balls

This is the perfect size for our pet’s little ears.  Even still, you may have to tear it in half for the young pups.  Cotton balls are also great to use to absorb tears on the regular to avoid tear stains.

Pet Dryer Box

We can’t say enough good things about this box!  We are BIG FANS!  It dries without the stress – evenly distributing a perfectly selected heat & fan setting.  And it cuts our bathing time significantly.

Face and Feet Fine/Coarse Butter Comb by Chris Christensen

Our favorite comb!  It is thoughtfully made with the best materials – strong which means the teeth won’t bend.  We love this because of it’s shape.  It’s long enough without being too long so you can get a good grip, yet the width/depth isn’t too wide so you can get the guck out of the corner of the eyes as close as possible.  It also has a flat spine so it’s not bulky, again allowing it to get into the depths of the corners of the eyes to get that guck out.  Aside from being great at cleaning the eyes, the fine teeth clean the face & eyelashes really well, while the wider set teeth can help fluff & detangle other small areas of the body.

Chris Christensen All-Over Body Brush

Our favorite all-over body brush!  It’s well-crafted, made of durable wood, with a comfortable ergonimic design for the hand.  It doesn’t scratch your dog’s skin or feel uncomfortable for them, whereas when we’ve used other brushes that we’ve paid more for, i.e. slicker brushes, the sound it makes on their skin SOUNDS as if it is uncomfortable.  Using it while blow drying their coat actually makes the blow drying experience more tolerable for the puppy – it’s almost as if they like the way it feels on their skin.  We use this same size on all our dogs, no matter the age or size or coat length, though I could only imagine that the 27 mm option might be good to have to use on long coats (hmmmm…looks like we have more $ to spend ourselves).

Face Comb by Eye Envy

OK. This comb is good & if we never knew the Chris Christensen comb existed this one would be our favorite.  Consider this a complete knockoff of the Chris Christensen design except for the materials used aren’t of the same quality (meaning the teeth will bend) & the spine is thicker & bulkier.

Face & Finishing Comb

Good comb to use for working around faces, ears, eyes and hard to reach areas.  Note, this is not our favorite but the 3rd best option for getting the job done.  Not as strong as the Chris Christensen, shorter & wider than both the Chris Christensen & Eye Envy.

Dog Dematting Comb

This small serated comb is only necessary when there are some knots to get out of your pet’s coat.  DO NOT use close to the eye, in fact, avoid the face completely.  When using this in conjunction with a detangler spray, it helps to cut through knots so you don’t have to cut the whole knot out or shave part of their coat out to leave an uneven, patchy, coat.  

Mini Cordless Trimmer

This trimmer is perfect for trimming their little paws, their private parts to give or maintain the sanitation cut, their lips, and around the ears to help with trapped moisture.  It is made by Wahl, one of the best grooming brands known for its quality of materials.  It is more expensive than some of the lesser-priced trimmers on Amazon but it is worth it.  It will not scratch or cut your pet when you use it, which we can’t say about the cheaper brands & we’ve had plenty of experience using both.  We would recommend that you purchase the 3-year protection plan they now offer, which was never an option before.  We’ve gone through quite a few of these so the insurance would have been nice to exercise to not have to come out of pocket when we replace.  Still, to us, it is well worth replacing, instead of buying others, so that should tell you something.

Grooming Loop

A grooming loop will help you keep your dog in position while you’re doing any grooming activity.  You can attach it to any over the counter cabinet’s hardware where you want to perform regular grooming activities.  The grooming loop will keep your dog in close proximity leaving your hands free to do its job.  And your pup can’t run away from you while it is in there.  One thing that we learned from a deep dive on Instagram is that you should put it over your dogs head & then UNDER one of it’s front legs so it fits in the armpit & then around the neck on the other side (imagine the way a a cross-over purse sits on your body).  This technique will prevent injuries to your dog’s neck area, similar to why a harness is better than a collar for walking.

Pet Toothbrush - 360 Degree

360-degree brush with a small head so you can have contact with the teeth at all angles.  The entire brush is only 6″ so it’s perfect for our Shih Tzus.

Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs

Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste does not foam nor does it require rinsing.  It reduces plaque & tartar formation & fights bad breath.  Plus it comes in flavors that dogs love – chicken & peanut butter.

Baby Wipes

Sensitive skin baby wipes for your puppies behinds, paws, even their coat to spot clean when you need to.

Baby Puppy Nail Clipper

Baby nail trimmer.  It’s small & easy to use on nails that aren’t very thick.  Perfect for your new puppy.  Note, we prefer ourselves to file nails to make sure the nail edges sharp.  However, sometimes this is easier to use & sometimes we will use this on hind nails & file their front nails to save some time.  Pro-tip: do not cut nails at home without a product called Kwik Stop or something similar, which is a styptic powder that will stop any bleeding that may have occurred from cutting too short.

Nail Grinder

Our favorite method to cut nails is to grind or file them.  We love this particular one because it is quiet in comparison to others but it also doesn’t have set speeds.  There is a circular speed regulation around the grinder that lets you go from the lowest speed to the highest speed and every speed in between, depending on the thickness of the nail or what your pet will allow.  ALL our puppies will come to you accustomed to getting their nails grinded, as we introduce this method to them starting around 5-6 weeks.  We strongly urge you to grind your dog’s nails, especially when having 2, to avoid any play-related injuries to the eyes.  When cutting nails, the edges become sharp & when puppies or dogs play, their front paws are in the air & find themselves on the other dog’s face, sometimes hitting the eye & sometimes causing injury to the eyeball.

Nail Clipper

This is an easy-to-use nail clipper.   It has a comfortable non-slip & and an easy grip handle.  There’s a safety-stop at the end of the blades to help with cutting the nails too short.  Pro-tip: do not cut nails at home without a product called Kwik Stop or something similar, which is a styptic powder that will stop any bleeding that may have occurred from cutting too short.

Kwik Stop

A miracle powder!   Kwik Stop is a styptic powder that will stop any bleeding that may have occurred from cutting or grinding your go’s nails too short.  You should have this on hand at home if you are planning on cutting their nails.  And if you have to use it, be gentle on yourself.  Even professionals make nails bleed every so often!