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Here You will find recommendations for playtime that is for fun, and some toys that are engaging in a way that stimulates learning.

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Snuffle Mat

Let your puppy practice their nose work & exercise their mind!   Always remember that 20 minutes of a brain activity = 1 hour of a physical activity for your dog.  A healthy dog needs a mental activity EVERY DAY!  Hide your pups’ favorite treats in here & let them go to work finding them! 

Windmill Strategy Treat Game

This will keep your pup mentally engaged in learning how to work for its treats.  As a level 1 game, it’s a perfect introduction to your pet for them to learn strategy & problem-solving.  We like to make it a little more difficult by filling one of the points with kibble & taping its exit area so that it becomes the heaviest part & always lands at the bottom, that way the pup has to work more.

Food Puzzle Enrichment Toy

A fun & interactive enrichment toy for your pup that teaches strategy & exercises their sense of smell.  Your pooch will slide the parts to reveal tasty treats.  There are many different puzzle games for dogs out there & our favorites are the kind where the parts don’t come off (like this one & this other one).   When you have one where the parts come off (like this) your pup will eventually use those parts as a chew toy & ruin the pieces of the puzzle.

Puzzle Enrichment Toy - Move & Slide

A level-2 fun & interactive enrichment toy for your pup that challenges them further.  In order for them to reach the treats, they have to do 2 things now instead of just 1.

Pet's Best Stuffless Squeaky Toy

We love this toy for many reasons.  It’s cute, well made, & in the medium size, you can insert an empty plastic water bottle to give this toy a sound better than the crinkle paper in many dog toys that ends up getting ruined.  The small size is good as well, & your pup will be able to drag it around easily but we prefer the medium, as the addition of the empty water bottle makes this toy different.  Just remember, you can wash your toys on hot water but let them air dry.  And don’t forget to remove the empty water bottle when you do so!

Multipet Lambie Toy

The infamous lambie!  This dog’s favorite toy comes in many different sizes.  Choose the size you want based on your needs.  To play with, get a smaller size so they can carry it in their mouth.  Is it to cuddle with?  Then size up.  Or get multiple ones because having too many lambies is not a bad thing!

Burrow Squeky Toy Set

This Burrow Squaky Toy set by Zippy Paws is cute & sturdy.  Your pet will love the size of the squeaky toys & spend time entertaining itself trying to get them out when placed inside of the banana.  They sell lots of different designs so if the monkey/banana combo isn’t for you, there’s more to choose from!

Itsy Ritzy Pacifier

Our puppies (& even parents) love to gnaw on this 100% food-grade silicone pacifier.  Made with just one piece, it is safe.  It comes in lots of different colors for you to choose, we definitely recommend this for our teething puppies.  

Crinkle Toy

 Puppies love a good crinkle toy that is flat & easy to carry around & this one checks all those boxes. 

Mini Tennis Squeak Ball

A mini size tennis ball perfect for your little pup’s mouth.  We usually send your pup home with one of these in size XS.